Wits’it at Delsbo Electric

Wits'it has created the measurement box used during the Delsbo Electric event in Sweden which was held last weekend.
This event is about building a vehicle to transport persons over rails using as little energy as possible.
The teams that set a result during the competition which is likely to break the existing world record are then taking a shot for officially setting a new world record.

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Eximus IV is ready for its world record attempt
On Saturday 25th of May, 2019, team Eximus with their vehicle Eximus 4, was taking a shot at the existing world record of 0.63 Wh per person per km.
As the designer of the measurement equipment, Wits'it was also present during this attempt.
This was very exciting for team Eximus, but also for me since the chance for a new world record would also be impossible if the measurement equipment would fail.
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The measurement boxes made for Delsbo Electric event
Both the team and the equipment performed very well and I am very pleased to congratulate team Eximus with their preliminary new world record of 0.614 Wh per person per km.
It still has to be verified by an independent reviewer for the Guiness World Record to allow the team to apply for an official entry in the Guiness World Record register.